Working Together


Collaboration is still very much in the spotlight in the oil and gas industry and for good reason.

Will always remember a previous student from Ireland during the credit crunch when things were really tough.

The general community interfaced with each other more; sharing information with job prospects, supporting each other, even going round to the neighbours and asking them for a cup of sugar. Similar to the old days when there wasn't so much to go around. Simply, they worked together a lot more during the tough times.

The Oil and Gas Industry isn't to dissimilar at the moment. There's less to go around; jobs, revenue etc. An organisation has to first collaborate internally before it attempts to fully collaborate with their Supply Chain, working well together and understanding the whole chain is vitally important at this current time. 

The story I usually use to show the faults of not collaborating is straight out the the CIPS text books. There are two little girls arguing that each of them should have both oranges. The mother intervened and observed the first girl peeled her orange, ate the orange and threw the peel away. The second girl peeled her orange, used the peel to make marmalade and thew the orange away!

Be innovative, be brave and work with those in a way you haven't before!